Video Remapping Project

This project explores remixing and remapping video footage of an existing space, using the visual surface of a second space as a palette. The first space is represented by digital video footage; the second space is represented by a collection or set of still images. The image sets used range from sets that are by definition limited – such as all the sprites from the original Super Mario Bros video game, or the logos of all the Fortune 500 companies – to unlimited thematic sets such as closeup images of flowers. Mapping source imagery to image collection is accomplished via custom software that I have developed in the open-source Processing language; this software reads individual video frames and redraws them using the visual material from a selected image set. These frames are then reassembled into a new video. From this process, a third, in-between space emerges, juxtaposing the content of the original video footage with the visual surface of the still image set. Moving between legibility and abstraction, the final works defamiliarize and recontextualize their material content in a highly visible, markedly digital way.

NB: All of the videos are silent. Due to their rapid animation, these videos don’t compress well to web-friendly data rates. Even at the significantly lowered resolution shown here, they require a fast Internet connection to play smoothly.

Discovery Channel Super Mario
Discovery Channel Super Mario remaps nature video using a palette of Super Mario icons.

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Fortune 500 (Water)
This video is part of a work-in-progress, Fortune 500, remapping video of the four elements (air, earth, fire and water) using Fortune 500 logos.

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Times Square Garden
To date, I’ve presented Times Square Garden I-III as a single channel video projection (in order I, II, III), but I think it would be interesting to present it as a three channel video projection since the varying loop lengths would add another level of generative-ness.

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Generative Portraits

This series of portraits are continually shifting composite images that run indefinitely without exactly repeating themselves. The goal of the project is to explore how individuals who are constantly photographed might appear in our media-saturated imaginations. The clips below are 2:30 video clips from algorithm runs.

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